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Tammy discovered yoga in 1998, at age 16, when it first started to become popular in the media and with celebrities. While it was the idea of a ‘yoga body’ that attracted her – it was the relaxation, philosophy and realisation that everybody has a yoga body that caused her to stay.

“To me, yoga is a way of life. A commitment to living with sensitivity, honesty, generosity, compassion and love. Yoga has and continues to save my life. I feel safe on my mat. It’s a reminder to trust, to breathe, to look within, that life is in constant flow and that all is ok.”

Tammy’s qualifications include: certified 500 hour yoga teacher with Godfrey Deveruex, Dynamic Yoga; certified prenatal yoga teacher studying at Triyoga in London; certified eating psychology coach and mentor for anyone suffering with eating disorders or body image issues.

“To me teaching yoga is a gift, it is incredible to share through experience. I invite my students to self-enquire, to feel deeply and become intimate with who and what they are.”

What makes Dharma Shala so special to you?

As soon as I enter the Shala I feel at home. It feels like a family – warm, loving, inviting.  It is unintimidating with a strong sense of community, I am privileged to be part of it.”

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