Jody Kennedy

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Jody Kennedy

Jody Kennedy has been dedicated to practicing and teaching yoga for fifteen years and completed her initial teacher training at the esteemed “Yoga Works” school in Los Angeles. By becoming well versed in all forms of hatha yoga and pursuing studies in meditation and anatomy, Jody has developed an enriched and dynamic teaching ethos.

Jody is also an energetic alignment practitioner and holds tertiary degrees in both education and the performing arts.

Jody has taught and studied yoga around the world, but acknowledges renowned Aashtanga teacher, Eileen Hall, as her primary inspiration. Jody’s eclectic mix of students includes elite athletes, corporate executives, celebrities and school kids.

Jody is a firm believer in yoga’s capacity to facilitate transformation for the individual. She advocates a holistic practice that enables students to find greater peace of mind while simultaneously propelling them towards their true potential as human beings. Thus, Jody empowers her class participants to take what they learn on the mat into their lives­.

What makes Dharma Shala so special to you?

“When Dharma Shala first opened, I was living next door in the Big White House. At the time, it was the only official yoga school in Bondi and I was there the day it opened. Dharma Shala has provided me with a solid foundation for my personal yoga practice to blossom. I have witnessed the wonderful effect it has had on the local community. The Shala is a beautiful gathering space full of heart and soul. It’s a sacred place”.

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