Anna Phillips

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Anna Phillips

Anna’s love and appreciation for yoga began in New Zealand while studying for a Bachelor of Visual Arts and balancing the demands of family life. Relocating to Australia provided the impetus to take her yoga studies further and commit to full time teaching. She completed a Diploma of Health Yoga at Nature Care College and continues to study with a variety of exceptional and dedicated yoga and meditation teachers throughout the world.

Yoga has been one of the principal tools that Anna has employed in experiencing an inner joy and a sense of contentment within her everyday life.  It has enabled her to embrace contemporary living in both its extraordinariness and mundanity, inclusive of its ups and downs, chaos and calm. Anna is a certified Registered Senior teacher with Yoga Australia and a Registered Yoga Therapist with the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists.

What makes Dharma Shala so special to you?

“Dharma Shala is like a second family, a home away from home. I have been teaching at the Shala for around twelve years and love the sense of community, friendship and connection. The Shala provides a space that welcomes and accommodates everyone no matter what age, level of fitness or body type. It’s a space that I cherish and feel blessed to be a part of.”

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