Amanda Fuzes

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Amanda Fuzes

Amanda Fuzes

Amanda discovered yoga at age 20 when her colleagues took her to an Ashtanga class. From the first moment she knew it was amazing and that she wanted to have the same impact on people that the teacher had on her. Fortunately, Amanda’s father owned a pharmacy underneath the Australian School of Yoga in Bondi Junction so she started practising there, learning from legends such as Martin Jackson Anna Pryor, Bernie Peterson, Robert Gray, Julian Calvo.

Her original qualifications are from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala (300hrs- 1996) and further studies with the Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training under Anna Prior. In 2014, Amanda did a 500 hr teacher training with Sri Dharma Mitra and is currently one of Australia’s only Dharma Yoga Teachers.

Amanda has 2 kids and a very hectic schedule, so her daily practice keeps her grounded with an inner peace to cope with the world.  Her favourite pose is Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. It’s a pose that has been a journey for her, one that required daily practice where she learnt so much about bone structure and positioning; biomechanics; fear; connecting breath with movement – this is the pose where Amanda personally found that you should never say, “I’ll never get that pose” or “my body doesn’t do that”. With diligence and passion- your body and mind is capable of anything.

What makes Dharma Shala so special to you?

It’s such a haven set high above Bondi Beach. I remember going when it first opened (before kids and responsibilities)- either going to an evening class straight from a day at the beach; or jumping back in the water straight after a practice… it’s such a great experience.”

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