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Alex Rangecroft

Alex Rangecroft

After years as a gymnast and then a professional contemporary dancer, Alex came to yoga seeking a more holistic mind- body connection. She says it has now been her main practice for the last 7 years and will continue throughout her life, growing and evolving as she does.

“To me yoga is like therapy, helping us to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and presence so we can begin to make more fulfilling and aligned choices in our lives.”

Alex has been teaching yoga since 2013, completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga People (yoga alliance certified), and her growth and learnings continue with various workshops, readings and of course her own practice.

“When you look, there is always something to learn from everyone and everything.”

Alex has many favourite postures, if she’s feeling weak,¬†adho mukha vrksasana¬†(handstand) always makes her feel strong, because it took a lot of time and determination for her to develop, it reminds her that with focus and continued persistence she can achieve what she sets her mind to.

What makes Dharma Shala so special to you?

Dharma Shala holds such a special energy of love, acceptance and compassion and I constantly feel honoured to be able to share my practice and learnings there.”

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