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Dharma Shala provides yoga and meditation classes according to our timetable below.

In-studio classes are limited to 15 people per class as required by NSW government regulation at this time. Attendance is subject to our COVID safety protocols available here. Please pre-book your next class via this website..

Book into an in-studio class by registering and/or logging in here: .

Online classes are accessed via this website and each class is available for up to 48 hours from their listed broadcast time. Access an online yoga class by registering and/or logging in here.

In-Studio and Online Yoga and Meditation Class Timetable
Monday from 6am-7am (online) Vinyasa - Jamila
Monday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Olivia
Monday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Jamila
Tuesday 7:15am-8:15am (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Simone
Tuesday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Anna
Tuesday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Vinyasa - Catriona
Wednesday from 6am-7am (online) Hatha Flow - Olivia
Wednesday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Anna
Wednesday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Georgie
Thursday 7:15am-8:15am (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Simone
Thursday 10am-11:00am (in-studio) Understanding Meditation - Andrew
Friday from 6am-7am (online) Vinyasa - Simone
Friday 7:15am-8:15am (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Olivia
Friday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Lee
Saturday 8am-9:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Anna
Saturday 12pm-1:15pm (in-studio) Pre Natal - Nadine/Georgie
Saturday 4:30pm-5:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Jody
Sunday from 8am-9am (online) Vinyasa - Jody
Sunday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Jamila
Sunday 4:30pm-5:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Catriona
Sunday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Yin Toga - Eriko