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Dharma Shala provides yoga and meditation classes according to our timetable below. Our holiday timetable which runs from Wednesday 23rd December 2020 until Sunday 10th January 2021 is available here.

Book into an in-studio class by registering and/or logging in here: .

Online classes are accessed via this website and each class is available for up to 48 hours from their listed broadcast time. Access an online yoga class by registering and/or logging in here.

In-Studio and Online Yoga and Meditation Class Timetable
Monday from 6am-7am (online) Vinyasa - Jamila
Monday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Olivia
Monday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Natalie
Tuesday 7:15am-8:15am (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Simone
Tuesday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Anna
Tuesday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Vinyasa - Catriona
Wednesday from 6am-7am (online) Hatha Flow - Olivia
Wednesday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Anna
Wednesday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Anne-Marie
Thursday 7:15am-8:15am (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Simone
Thursday 10am-11:00am (in-studio) Understanding Meditation - Andrew
Friday from 6am-7am (online) Vinyasa - Simone
Friday 7:15am-8:15am (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Olivia
Friday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Lee
Saturday 8am-9:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Anna
Saturday 12pm-1:15pm (in-studio) Pre Natal - Nadine
Saturday 4:30pm-5:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Jody
Sunday from 8am-9am (online) Vinyasa - Jody
Sunday 10am-11:30am (in-studio) Hatha - Jamila
Sunday 4:30pm-5:45pm (in-studio) Hatha Flow - Catriona
Sunday 6:30pm-7:45pm (in-studio) Yin Yoga - Eriko

In-studio classes are limited as required by NSW government regulation at this time. Attendance is subject to our COVID safety protocols available here.