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Yoga Class Timetable

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success when applied to the principles and practice of yoga, allow us to support a life of balance, flexibility and vitality. “The practice of yoga is practice for life. Success in yoga provides a template for success in life”. Apply these daily spiritual laws in your yoga and daily life. You may even apply the daily mantra to guide a daily meditation practice…Experience a new sense of success and fulfillment with a spiritual focus each day. Enjoy!

Monday | Law of Giving & Receiving | Om Vardhanam Namah | I am the nourisher of the universe

Tuesday | Law of Karma (or Cause & Effect) | Om Kriyam Namah | My actions are aligned with cosmic law

Wednesday | Law of Least Effort | Om Daksham Namah | My actions achieve maximum benefit with minimal effort

Thursday | Law of Intention & Desire | Om RItam Namah | My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence

Friday | Law of Detachment | Om Anandham Namah | My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome

Saturday | Law of Dharma | Om Varunam Namah | My life is in harmony with cosmic Law of Dharma (or Purpose in Life)

Sunday | Law of Pure Potentiality | Om Bhavam Namah | I am absolute existence

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Deepak Chopra
David Simon