Find your favourite online class

Our online yoga platform, Dharma Shala Live, provides daily broadcasts so you can access all your favourite Dharma Shala yoga teachers and their classes in your location. Pre-natal is also streamed as a catch-up broadcast on Wednesday. See our timetable below.

Hatha Yoga Classes Additional Classes
Saturday from 10am
Saturday from 12pm
Pre natal - Nadine/Georgie
Sunday from 10am
Sunday from 6:30pm
Yin Yoga - Eriko
Monday from 10am
Tuesday from 10am
Wednesday from 10am
Wednesday from 10am
Pre natal - Nadine/Georgie
Catch-up broadcast
Thursday from 10am
Friday from 10am

Access to Dharma Shala Live is available here

Each broadcast is available for access in a 24 hour period. Access is available for just just $5.99 per day or $19.99 per week

Please note: Due to Federal and State government policies in-studio classes at Dharma Shala are currently suspended until further notice. Our scheduled and catch-up broadcasts, timetable and teachers maybe subject to change without notice.