At Dharma Shala we are committed to serving communities both local and afar. 
Below you will find community events & offerings, as well as information about past events & the charities we support.

Yoga Teacher Training


The Livingroom Coogee Beach

Our Sister School

Crowd Funding for Africa

Our friends in the community

Communities Assist

A Sound Life

Swami Philosophy

Rodney Sen and his extended family in India have been guided by the teachings and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, an inspired Hindu kinetic and one of the first people to take Hinduism to the West. Swami philosophy is based on different aspects of religion, education, character building and social issues pertaining to India, with the underlying principle that Hinduism is guided by service.

“Service is not a chore, it’s a privilege” – Rodney Sen.

Welcome Saraswati

We welcome Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom and creativity to the rebirth of Dharma Shala! The Statue of Saraswati, Hindu goddess of education and music came to us from a 19th century temple in southern India and now resides at the entry of the Shala. It is no coincidence that we are devoted to empowerment through knowledge and enrichment of life through music…. 

"Beloved Goddess, the essence of Self, 
The voice of inner wisdom and creativity 
May you help us discern the Real from the Unreal 
May you help us reside in our hearts 
In a state of peace, compassion and bliss"

Edo and Jo, Bliss 2014

Service to humanity is the source & goal of yoga….

More about the charities we are actively involved in and other we support

Watch the latest videofrom our recent visit to Rainbow Ridge, Tanzania, with our sister school
The Livingroom Yoga School Coogee, Communities Assistand A Sound Life.

Watch the  Conscious Club's Do Good Challenge for insights into one of the many ways we support those in need. 

Everytime you take a class at Dharma Shala you are contributing to creating a better life for others less fortunate

Communities Assist

A Sound Life

Gaia Oasis Foundation

Medecins Sans Frontiers

Mudgin-gal Redfern Foundation

The Salvation Army