Crowd Funding for Africa


With your help, we raised just over $16k to help build a Sustainable Practices Education Centre for our children at Rainbow Ridge - Communities Assist !!

Our vision for our first SPEC is to offer affordable vocational education and training in permaculture, mechanics, computer skills, sewing, music and even yoga to the Kili Kids and the local community, to empower them so they can ultimately become self sustainable!

Funds raised from this Crowd Funding Campaign will go directly to the construction of the Eco Vocational Education & Training Center including
~ Earth works necessary for levelling and footings including hiring of necessary equipment and man power;
~ Materials for concreting, insulation, doors, windows, roofing, solar panels and flooring;
~ Local labour for reusing 4 onsite shipping containers as classrooms; 
You can see our draft plans for the Eco Vocational Education & Training Centre attached.

With your help in the last 10 years Communities Assist managed to 

~ purchase 5 acres of fertile land at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
~ developed and established a flourishing permaculture program with the local community;
~ design and build 4 ecologically sustainable homes and a hall for local orphaned or vulnerable children and the community;
~ we are the legal guardians of 26 children orphaned by AIDS (known as the kili kids)
~ we provide safe and hygienic housing, 24 hour care, pay for their living expenses such as medical care, food, clothing, books etc., as well as paying for local school fees;
~ we employ 16 locals to care for the children, manage the land and the 5 acre site.

As you can see, all of your funds have been spent wisely with 100% of your funds going directly to the project and the children's welfare and community initiatives. 
Yes we've managed to do all this working as volunteers with volunteers!
Thanks to so many of you for your generous support and contributions over the last 10 years...now it's time for us to focus on building the Eco Vocational Education & Training Center at Rainbow Ridge!

DGR Status Donations-
“Communities Assist Australia Ltd is a registered Charity endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations of $2 or more made to Communities Assist Australia Developing Country Relief Fund  are tax deductible.”  

VIDEO of our recent trip to Rainbow Ridge, Tanzania

Watch our recent video from our beautiful and inspiring trip to Rainbow Ridge, Tanzania.

Check out the latest insights to our trip to Africa with our sister school The Livingroom Yoga School Coogee, Communities Assist and A Sound Life. During this amazing journey, we along with the help of some committed and stunning volunteers were able to implement both yoga and music into the daily lives of the Rainbow Ridge community. These activities will help bring happiness and joy to both the young and old as we endeavor to build a sustainable future through education and permaculture. 

Africa Community Service Retreat | 4 - 16th January 2017 - RECAP

The Yoga Travel Company & A Sound Life went to Africa and it was epic. 

This January saw a wonderful group of yogi's, musicians and lovely members of the community venture over to the scared land of Rainbow Ridge, Tanzania, to embark on a soul altering experience that was our community service and yoga retreat. Accompanied by the selfless organisation's that are A Sound Life and Communities Assist our diverse group of volunteers adopted more than just a new experience to tick off of their bucket lists. 

Starting amongst the soft sounds of laughter emerging from the kind and innocent hearts of the kili kids, as we know them. Becoming the most inspiring and moving moment to date was the unified thought amongst us all. Following this unforgettable experience of providing more than just a service but being imprinted by 
this honest openness came the raw visual and emotional journey amongst the world's most beautiful wildlife. The best African safari yet. Finally, the final leg of this action packed engagement saw our first moments of relaxation as we embodied the true culture and soaked up the luxury of the crisp white sands of Zanzibar. 

A massive shout out to everyone that joined us on this adventure and to everyone back home for all of your support. Amazing. 

P.S. Another African adventure may be on the cards for the future. 


For more information contact Mari or Georgia call 02 9665 4262 or email info@theyogatravelcompany.com