Inside Yoga with Lee Bachar-Adler, a 7 week course starting Wed 12 May

Are you wanting to extend your yoga practice and knowledge. Are you keen to understand more deeply how yoga, as a traditional practice, influences the mind and body? 

Then Inside Yoga is for you. Register here to secure your place.

Dharma Shala Wellness

Inside Yoga is a seven week program designed and delivered by Bondi based Yoga teacher Lee Bachar-Adler. Lee has been teaching yoga and assisting clients to achieve improved health through yoga therapy for over a decade. 

For many of us, yoga is the physical movement of the Asanas. We know that by practicing these movements we can also still our minds. But Yoga is much more that the Asanas and Savasana. It is  an integrated wellness system known in traditional circles as Yoga Tantra.

Course curriculum 

Inside Yoga will explore Bandhas, Chakras, Pranayama, Kundalini, Mantras and other elements of Yoga Tantra. In this foundational course Lee will take you on a physical, spiritual and educational journey focused on a different element of Yoga Tantra each week.

Week one - Understanding Yoga Tantra and yoga philosophy 

Week two - Sushumna Nadi, our most powerful energy 

Week three - Purification & Strengthening of the physical body

Week four - Chandra (moon); establishing a calm & steady mind

Week five - Surya (sun); prana and our relationship to it

Week six - Agni (Fire); returning to oneness

Week seven - Kundalini; the path to spiritual awakening

Dharma Shala Wellness

Course details

Dates - Inside Yoga will run from 11:30am to 1pm on wednesdays for seven weeks.

Scheduled dates - Wednesday 12 May to Wednesday 23 June inclusive.

Venue - Dharma Shala Wellness, 71 Glenayr Avenue North Bondi 

Course fee - $250 per person, $220 early bird registration by 30 April

This course includes yoga theory and practice. Places will be limited.

Course registration

Complete our registration form to secure your place.

Registrations close midnight Friday 7 May.

"All life is Yoga" (Sri Aurobindo)