Dharma Shala - yoga for life

Dharma Shala has been providing its style of authentic yoga from Bondi Beach for almost 20 years. During that time, tens of thousands of people have benefited from a yoga practice and teachers focused on nourishing the whole person.

We are a yoga practice that enhances all aspects of daily life including our mind, body, spirit and community.

Dharma Shala is recognised for the ambience of our in-studio and online classes, it's combination of a modern approach with traditional yoga practice plus it's inspiring and experienced teachers. Many practitioners globally have often remarked "There's something about the Shala ..."

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Our Values
We value all first peoples and their relationship with the land,
We value the beauty of Bondi, its local communities and our natural environment,
We welcome all ages, faiths, backgrounds and cultures,
We aim to be inclusive of everyone and their stories,
We celebrate our connection with the sacred traditions of Music and Yoga.

Our Classes
In-studio classes run daily from morning to evening, weekdays and weekends. Regular events, workshops including music are held throughout year extending the yoga experience to everyone. Whether you are looking to get started, get fit, enhance your practice or develop your own inner well-being, Dharma Shala will have something to offer you. You can get started and access our in-studio classes by clicking either

We also broadcast online yoga classes via our website. If you are younger or older, a yoga newbie or seasoned practitioner you will enjoy being nourished by our online class experience in your own location. You can get started and access Dharma Shala Live by clicking here.

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Community & Partnerships
Reflecting our values, we are very proud that Dharma Shala is contributing locally though community initiatives and partnerships. You can read about these on our community page here

Our Ambassadors
Dharma Shala's ambassador program promotes the benefits of practising yoga in our unique inter-generational studio space. Our yoga ambassadors have the opportunity to further develop communication and leadership skills and indulge their passion for yoga.

Our 2020 Youth Ambassadors are: Bronte Cunio Scarborough and Jena McCue.

Welcome to our 'Shala' community, Om Shanti

Our Physical Location