Future Sound of Yoga Residency at Dharma Shala Last Friday of the next 3 months at Dharma Shala!

A sensory experience fusing together yoga, movement, and music mixed by DJ and producer SOLON.

The FLOW session is the traditional Future Sound of Yoga practice. Angel Singmin will guide you through an uplifting vinyasa flow to a live soundtrack of cutting edge electronica mixed by DJ and music producer, SOLON. 

The YIN & YOGA NIDRA session is a soothing, restorative practice. Angel Singmin will guide you through some gentle movement, yin poses, finishing with a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation in savasana. SOLON, music producer and DJ, will create a live soundtrack of ambient and mesmerising sounds to help take you further into deep relaxation. 


Friday 29 September
SPRING FLOW: 6.00-7.15pm

SPRING YIN / YOGA NIDRA: 7.30-8.45pm

Friday 27 October
HALLOWEEN FLOW: 6.00-7.15pm

Friday 24 November
END OF YEAR FLOW: 6.00-7.15pm

Tickets $35 per session

Please ensure you arrive early to settle. Once event starts, the doors are locked for the security and the safety of guests. BYO yoga mat.

For more info about the event:


Saturday 14th October @ Dharma Shala Bondi

It's happening again... Round 4!

Join Marja, Tommy and Sandra for another bliss filled night of healing through magical yin, guided meditation, sound therapy, live music, energy work, intention setting and so much more.

* Yin and Reiki healing by Marja.

* Live music and vocals by the angelic Sandra Treydte. 

* Meditation guided by the grounding and soothing voice of Tom Sullivan. 

If you're keen to come along pease make sure you get in quickly, as the last 3 events SOLD OUT. $45 pre book OR $55 on the day. 


For more info please feel free to get in touch:

Level 1 REIKI TRAINING with Marja

REIKI LEVEL 1 TRAINING at Dharma Shala this Summer!

Begin your journey as a healer with Marja Jacobsen (Gendai Reiki-Ho Master Teacher - Level 4). Open up your pathways to invite more of the good stuff into your life...

This training will run as two x 3 hr sessions over a weekend this December

Saturday 2nd 6-9pm + Sunday 3rd 12-3pm

Cost is $295pp and your certification is recognised globally.

To reserve your spot all you need to do is transfer a $100 deposit.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Marja directly: 

P: 0408 800 854 



NEW Beginners Course | $120 for 9 weeks*


NEW Beginners Yoga Course
$120 for 9 weeks | 2x beginner classes per week

New to yoga or keen to go back to basics & refine your practice?

Our 9 week Beginners Yoga Course is a great foundation, aimed at all ages, levels  & abilities. Throughout the weeks you will learn the basic fundamentals of yoga postures including technical alignment, benefits of the poses, breathing, basic yoga philosophy and its applications to daily life. Every week there is a new focus in which the class is themed around, from Sun Salutes to supported Inversion preparation. Our variety of beginners teachers offer diverse styles of teaching in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. We highly recommended completion of this 9 week course as an introductory start to yoga before attending general classes.


Every week is a new beginning, you can start anytime along the 9 week cycle!

WEEK 1 | Surya Namaskar A- Finding the breath & linking with movement
WEEK 2 | Surya Namaskar B- Cultivating inner Strength & Balance
WEEK 3 | Cleansing & Twisting
WEEK 4 | Forward Bends- going within
WEEK 5 | Backbends- heart openers
WEEK 6 | Hip Openers
WEEK 7 | Shoulder Opening & Strengthening
WEEK 8 | Inversions- preparation only
WEEK 9 | Integration- overview of a general Dharma Shala sequence

Your 2x Beginners classes can be attended at Dharma Shala AND The Livingroom:
Full Beginners Timetable-

Dharma Shala
Monday | 7.30-8.45pm with Georgia
Wednesday | 12-1pm with Sophie
Thursday | 6-7am with Sim
Friday | 7.15-8.15am with Ingrid
Sunday | 10-11.30am with Sim

The Livingroom
Monday | 5-6.15pm with Leora
Tuesday | 6-7am with Sophie
Thursday | 6-7am with Georgia
Friday | 12.30-1.30pm with Marja
Saturday | 10.30-11.30am with Maddie
Sunday | 10.30-11.30am with Georgia

Available to ALL students, once only. No suspensions, unless provided with a medical certificate accordingly.

Crowd Funding for Africa

Help us raise 50k to build a Sustainable Practices Education Centre for our children at Rainbow Ridge - Communities Assist!!
Our vision for our first SPEC is to offer affordable vocational education and training in permaculture, mechanics, computer skills, sewing, music and even yoga to the Kili Kids and the local community, to empower them so they can ultimately become self sustainable!

Funds raised from this Crowd Funding Campaign will go directly to the construction of the Eco Vocational Education & Training Center including ~ Earth works necessary for levelling and footings including hiring of necessary equipment and man power; ~ Materials for concreting, insulation, doors, windows, roofing, solar panels and flooring; ~ Local labour for reusing 4 onsite shipping containers as classrooms;  You can see our draft plans for the Eco Vocational Education & Training Centre attached.

Estimated to cost $50,000 AUD and... our target is to raise this $50,000 AUD by 30th Sept 2017!

Help us help!

Please make a donation NOW Every little bit counts...

With your help in the last 10 years Communities Assist managed to ~ purchase 5 acres of fertile land at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. ~ developed and established a flourishing permaculture program with the local community; ~ design and build 4 ecologically sustainable homes and a hall for local orphaned or vulnerable children and the community; ~ we are the legal guardians of 26 children orphaned by AIDS (known as the kili kids) ~ we provide safe and hygienic housing, 24 hour care, pay for their living expenses such as medical care, food, clothing, books etc., as well as paying for local school fees; ~ we employ 16 locals to care for the children, manage the land and the 5 acre site.

As you can see, all of your funds have been spent wisely with 100% of your funds going directly to the project and the children's welfare and community initiatives.  Yes we've managed to do all this working as volunteers with volunteers! Thanks to so many of you for your generous support and contributions over the last 10 it's time for us to focus on building the Eco Vocational Education & Training Center at Rainbow Ridge!